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: We here at Designing You Boutique believe that every woman, regardless of age, shape or size, deserves a quality and equal shopping experience. We are dedicated to providing affordable fashion for women sizes 2-22. You will find a good mix of clothing items from casual, professional, athletic and dressy because, YOU ARE ALL THINGS! We as woman need to be flexible in our attire because life gives us many seasons and occasions. Its our hope and dream to provide you with a "go to" Boutique, knowing who you are shopping with and that your needs will be met. We look forward to serving you for many years to come!


Jon and I have been blessed to have met each other and start our "second chance family" We have been thru alot when merging our 2 families together! But we have grown, flourished and appreciate each day, milestone and accomplishment as a family.

I had been in the restaurant business for 20 years. With Jon working retail and no set/consistent hours, and I working the crazy restaurant hours, our family was struggling. We couldn't spend Holidays together, weekends were non-existent unless we planned months ahead of time, and finding childcare for late evening hours on weekdays was a constant struggle. I was falling into a depression not being able to be there for our children. Missing their sports, school functions and everyday communication and support that children so desperately need! On Mothers Day of 2016, I cried my eyes out on my way home from work knowing I was going home to my children in bed and not being able to see them that day. THAT DAY CHANGED MY LIFE! I promised myself that I would create a better life for myself and my family. I promised myself that I would build and create a full-time income working from home. It was not easy, but on Mothers Day of 2017, I walked into my bosses office and placed my 2 weeks notice on their desk. We started my dream of owning our own clothing Boutique, with all our faith in God that he would lead us in the right direction. With God by our side, my desire to serve women and help them feel and look as amazing as they are, we have built a strong and successful business founded on love, trust and a whole lotta faith!

All of this is possible because you believe in me and I believe in YOU. This business is the lifeblood of our family and we strive everyday to grow, and go above and beyond your expectations. Please know, that when you shop with us, you are making a family's dreams of being together come true. We could not do this without YOU.